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What is Smart Club?

Smart Club is a members-only exclusive club that gives many added benefits on top of playing with us. Unlike most sites, on top of giving you lucrative bonuses, Smart Club gives you so much more. Whenever you place a wager with us on our products, you will get certain number of credits with us. The number of credits given will be calculated based of the product that you’ve selected and the wager that you place. These credits can be used to redeem for various items such as mobile phones, PS4, mobile accessories, or even gaming credits and many more. On top of getting credits, each deposit entitles you to free spins on our spin the wheel where you can increase the amount of credits in Smart Club.

Smart Club also has free live streaming channels available for most of the big games each week.

We aim not to be just another gaming site. We aim to make SmartPunter to be a lifestyle, a haven where you can enjoy watching undisrupted streaming, a place where you can redeem gifts for you or your family and so much more as we constantly try to improve the site to bring more benefits for YOU, our esteemed club members.

How do I join?

After making a deposit with us, our friendly customer service agents will immediately register you as one of our club members. There is no membership fees or renewal. There are no expiry on your membership and your Smart Club credits will never expire.

iphone and android smart punter

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