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Terms & Conditions

You must be 18 and above to open an account and deposit with SmartPunter. You are responsible for abiding by the minimum age
gambling laws in your relevant jurisdiction.

All members are allowed only one account per product, and one phone number and bank account to be linked to their name. Multiple
signups by the same member are not allowed. Withdrawals may only be made to the registered bank account associated with the member.

All members are responsible for keeping his or her own User ID’s and passwords confidential.

All details of members are kept highly confidential, and are not released or sold for any purpose whatsoever.

All members are responsible for keeping SmartPunter up to date if there are any changes in contact information. Withdrawals can only be
processed through verified numbers and email. E.g. if you are changing your phone number, please notify our customer service
representative with your current number before changing it. For security purposes, we reserve the right to reject withdrawals should there
be any discrepancies in the information provided during our verification process.

SmartPunter and its affiliate gaming providers reserve the right to reject and/or void:

- Any member accounts being used for syndicated bets

- Bets suspected of being syndicated bets

- Abuse of rebates/bonuses and SPclub Points,

- Bets made or facilitated by bots and programs, automated or otherwise.

SmartPunter reserves the right to withhold a withdrawal if the account is under investigation for any fraudulent activities.

SmartPunter adheres to the rules and regulations set forth by our affiliate gaming provider partners. In the event of a disagreement or
dispute, we will forward our member’s complaints to the respective support teams and provide our full support to address the situation
and keep our member informed of the outcome of the decision. Upon due diligence, SmartPunter reserves the right to follow our partners’
final decision.